200 MW

CleanTech Renewable Energy 4 Corp.

The CleanTech Renewable Energy 4 Corp. (CTREC 4) is a 100.0 MWp project that is set to rise in Lal-lo, Cagayan. The site was deemed ideal for solar projects given the area’s high resource quality, flat landscape, and potential for expansion given the adjacent lots that can be acquired and developed. Currently, the project is in its pre-development stage. 

The project would see 248,456 solar panels and 24 inverters built, allowing for the generation of the 100 MWp. Upon completion, the site would have the means to generate clean energy for an estimated 80,000 households. Construction is expected to start Q3 of 2021. 

Throughout the project’s duration, it is estimated that around 150 jobs will be made available to the surrounding communities, allowing more opportunities to bolster the economy of the area. The municipality of Lal-lo previously nominated CTREC 4’s site for the solar project, and the area was thus classified as Industrial land in its 2016 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. 

Listed below are the acquired and pending permits for CTREC 4:


  • DOE Service Contract 
  • LGU Endorsements
  • BOI Certificate of Registration
  • BOC Import License
  • NGCP System Impact Study and approved Facility Study


  • DOE Certificate of Confirmation of Commerciality
  • NGCP Interconnection Agreement
  • DAR Order of Conversion

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