Jefferson B. Jaymalin

Junior Project Manager - Geodetic Engineer

favorite quote
"The mind is furnished with ideas by experience alone" - John Locke

JJ works towards the identification, data collection and interpretation, assessment, and evaluation of Renewable energy project opportunities. He assists the team regarding the technicalities related to land and surveying (i.e. plotting, digital land mapping, etc.). He also prepared maps and land-based documents to be submitted to the government agencies concerned, for securing service contracts and permits.

He works closely with the project development as well as the engineering team. JJ makes sure to establish a good rapport with government agencies concerned to secure regulatory approvals and permits.

JJ has a degree in BS Geodetic Engineering and a licensed Geodetic Engineer. He worked with the Right-of-way acquisition team of a government infrastructure project under San Miguel Corporation--in which he served as the technical lead of the project. Seeking growth and challenges in his career, he joined CleanTech to acquire a diverse experience, expand his skill set, and leverage his profession/expertise in contributing to the Renewable Energy industry.

Beyond working hours, he usually enjoys his time in solitude while watching anime and movies, and playing mobile games. However, occasionally, JJ loves to play basketball and go for a run/jog.