Eliel Felix M. Cortez

Financial Analyst

favorite quote
“Our thoughts can empower or imprison. They empower when we try something new, and they imprison when we let them convince us to stay comfortable.”

As a Financial Analyst, Eli has three main tasks: First, he is part of the team tasked to secure project financing for upcoming development projects. Second, he is also involved in securing off take agreements. Third, he is also tasked with energy market modeling which is used to simulate and forecast short-term and long-term electricity demand and prices.

Eli works closely with Jeff and can often be seen joining in meetings with banks and potential investors.

Eli graduated with a BS Petroleum Engineering degree, to which he joined CleanTech shortly after. He started as a trainee, to which he became a Project Development Engineer 8 months after joining CleanTech - assisting and leading applications for service contracts, land acquisition, and communication with different stakeholders. He started to take an interest in Finance when he began to assess financial viability of projects through financial modelling. Now, he is focused on contributing to CleanTech under the umbrella of the finance team.

Outside of work, you can find Eli discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants, exploring mountains and beaches, and furthering his interests in music. Beyond these, Eli consistently dedicates his spare time to studying and staying up-to-date with industry news.