Abigail B. Mallari

Business Development Junior Project Manager

favorite quote
Her favorite quote is from Robert H. Schiuller who wrote: “tough times never last but tough people do."

Abi is CleanTech’s Business Development Junior Project Manager.  By profession, she is an Electronics and Communications Engineer, who graduated from the Far Eastern University - East Asia College.  

As part of the Solar Team, one of her main tasks is to look for potential sites where CleanTech can build its Solar Power Plant Projects. She considers several criteria, different scenarios and issues that may arise as they conduct their site analysis. For Abi, the work is challenging but she is able to learn a lot especially in land documentation and in dealing with different types of people. 

Abi works closely with the Team’s GIS Specialists to determine property boundaries  as well as with the Legal Team and Land Acquisition Experts to ensure that the property has no pending issues. For technical aspects, she consults with the Engineering Team.

Abi enjoys spending her free time with her family, going on road trips or simply going to the mall or other public places.