CleanTech: The ESMS Framework

CleanTech believes that the key to achieving positive development lies in being able to nurture both the environment and the community in which the Company operates, and striving to go even beyond these parameters. One of CleanTech’s missions is to empower local communities by providing accurate information and creating opportunities that would help them save on the cost of energy while providing a more environmentally sustainable option. This goal is concretized through the Company’s Environment and Social Management Systems (ESMS) Framework.

Currently, CleanTech is in its final stages of developing its ESMS framework. With its development, the Company formally recognizes the importance of managing the environmental and social aspects of its sustainability efforts, commits to enacting actionable steps to strengthen its E&S initiatives, and ensures that the Company’s E&S risks and impacts will be religiously assessed. To do so, the Company has crafted detailed management plans that will describe how these impacts can be avoided, mitigated, and managed.

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