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June 30, 2022

CleanTech Global Renewables – The Next Generation of Energy

CleanTech was mentioned in this Business Focus Magazine article.

CEO Salvador Antonio R. “Aboy” Castro Jnr talks about how his background in basketball coaching is helping him to inspire CleanTech’s renewable energy business.

CleanTech Global Renewables, Inc. is a renewable energy company based in the Philippines that focuses on solar and wind power. Established in 2014, the company received praise from the local government for its speed in responding to the national call for renewable energy sources, completing the first solar plant in 13 months.

Coach Class

Coach Aboy is the Chief Energy Officer of CleanTech, a family-owned company in the Philippines. He was a professional basketball coach for 14 years, and the skills he learned on the court apply in the world of business. Coach Aboy and his team had to dig deep to get funding from private equity firms, but to start with their equity was their blood, sweat and values. Initially, CleanTech and the renewable energy industry were not fully supported in the Philippines, but the industry has been better supported in the UK. Since then, the need for renewable energy has been more recognized in the Philippines and there has been more support for CleanTech, with the business continuing to push forward. CleanTech is now branching out into other markets such as Australia and Vietnam.

Words of Inspiration

Coach Aboy is inspired by Warren Buffett's advice when recruiting potential employees. He identifies three key traits when looking for employees: intelligence, energy, and integrity. He uses sport as a metaphor, citing horse racing as an example of how to work with team members. He is also passionate about the CleanTech Foundation, the charity and community project arm of the business. Coach Aboy and his sister benefited from scholarships to complete their education. CleanTech Foundation has been established to address four main areas: Environment, Education, Emergency Response, and Entrepreneurship.

The foundation provides funds to provide clothes, food, shelter, solar panels, and training and opportunities to encourage new businesses and spur the local micro-economy. The final area is personal to Coach Aboy and could have a potentially massive impact in the local area around the Philippines.

The Future

CleanTech is in the process of completing a major renewable energy project with an aggregate capacity of 1000MWs in 2025. The company is also looking beyond wind and solar energy to investigate the next potential renewable energy source, hydrogen technology. They are also researching sites in the United Kingdom to further develop their offshore wind technology. CleanTech's motivation to push their industry forward is to break the entire run into more manageable and reachable goals.

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